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August 24, 2005


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For your information - The link to the article does not work.

Thanks, David. Link is now fixed.

I always see water in the money-saving tips; in this list 2 of the 10 are focused on conserving water. Where I live, water is practically free. I pay about $15 a month for water and sewer, and once I really went nuts trying to conserve and only managed to knock a couple of dollars off of that. My conclusion was that where I live, conserving water is a waste of my energy -- my penny-pinching effort is better spent elsewhere. Judging from the numbers quoted in this article, my water must just be extraordinarily cheap. That, or the things I've always done (front-loading washer, bricks in the toilet tanks, etc.) have a much bigger effect than anything else I've tried temporarily.

I'm afraid of low-flow showerheads after that Seinfeld episode :P

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