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October 10, 2005


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Is there a why by which to email to a friend this valuable advice. I see many articles here I would love to email to my wife.

Not yet, but it's on my list of enhancements. ;-)

Your best option for now is to click on "permalink", copy the URL in the top, and email the link.

Thanks for asking!

Great site! I like the one on raising your deductible (good idea with your car insurance as well). We made the switch some time ago, we've only had one auto or home claim in the last but switching from a 15 to 30 year mortage may save you money but will cost more in the long run. Seems counterproductive to me. You could argue that you can invest the differenc and earn more than the appreciation on your real estate, but most of us aren't that savvy and when you factor in the add'l interest expense I would guess you would usually come out behind.

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