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September 05, 2007


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I think by asset types they mean domestic and international, small and large, and probably REITs.

I believe Warren Buffet meant that the best way for a novice investor to own funds is through an index fund. Sounds great to me, though, as I would rather focus on making more money to invest instead of working my butt off to squeak out an extra 1 or 2% return.

Great post.

I saw this article as well and appreciate hearing you comments on it. One thing that really frustrates me about these magazine is that it seems like they just regurgitate the same stuff over and over again. Perhaps this is what the majority of the investing magazine market wants to see?

This is the very reason that I enjoy personal finance blogs such as yours. The value added by your commentary is much more valuable than the article alone.

Thanks again for your efforts,


If you are limiting your asset classes to stocks and bonds you are doing yourself a disservice.

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