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November 02, 2007


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Me first!

My second try..

I enjoy reading your blog. Thanks for the hard work; it has helped me a lot. Now Quicken would definitely speed everything up.. just giving me some hope hehe

Thanks for another chance!

Woot! Another chance!

Thanks again.

Not being first makes me sad. Not winning breaks my heart. Please don't break my heart!

i got this one.



me too, please pick me. I like Quicken a bunch

Yes, please.

Read your blog daily. Have used Quicken for 10 years. Need to upgrade from 2006 though. Thanks!

Thanks for doing the blog. I enjoy reading it every day.

Trying again...

I'd like a chance at the Quicken 2008!


Love the blog. keep up the good work!!

Trying again :)

Try Try again

This is one of the RSS feeds I've subscribed to, and seeing the giveaway pop up in the reader definitely excited me! I'm keeping my fingers crossed.

4th time is a charm?!?

we'll see....

Did I win?

if i keep rolling the dice, maybe one time i will get lucky.

if i keep rolling the dice, maybe one time i will get lucky.

Still hoping for my free upgrade.

Here's hoping for the winning comment.

woo hoo! a chance at getting free stuff. A bonus to go along with the great info.

I don't like handouts from the government, but I love give-aways from FMF.

Don't count your check-ins before they cash.

First try is a charm...

Fine, I'll play your game, but this is the last time!

Gotta love the giveaways!

i enjoy checking your site for new posts daily, thank you for educating me

Last chance...sigh.

I'll try again.


I must admit ... I have been enticed to try and win.

Thanks for spreading the wealth!

Sure, why not?

Winning would be sweet!

I'd love a chance to use this software.

Got me to read your posts regularly witht the giveaways.
Keep up the good work.

Got me to read your posts regularly with the giveaways.
Keep up the good work.

Maybe it's my lucky day!

Hi, How can I win? I really hope I can win. Thank you very much for the opportunity.

Second times the cha....oh, wait...isn't it the third time? I'll never win now!

Woot! Quicken 2008 - I hope I win!

I'm here to try again... hope I win it this time!!

Well as you are picking the winner...

You do not know what you are talking about and the site is completely uninteresting- despite me reading it everyday.

I use Microsoft Money and would love to change, but can't justify paying for Quicken. Pick me!

Thank you.

Fingers crossed...

Trying once more. Would love to get to use the latest version of Quicken. My current version is kind of getting fairly old. Thanks.

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