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January 14, 2008


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I want to win!

Normally I use taxactonline but I'd like to check out TurboTax once.

Winning is nice.

My taxes are getting more complicated this year, between a getting married and getting a big promotion. Thanks for the chance!

Statistically, my chances are growing worse with every new giveaway, but I continue to enter. At least the chances are infinitely better than the state lottery...

Trying one more time ...

Please, please - exclamation point!

Yea for prizes!!! Super yea for helpful prizes!!!

turbo tax would be a great addition to my friday money time. before my wife and i can go out (movie, walking, etc.) i spend an hour in review, balance books, etc.

another try

Yay, I need turbotax! =)

Give me that TurboTax :-)

I'd love to give TurboTax a try....I'm actually doing my own taxes for the first time this year.

(Insert witty comment here.)

I'll try again

If at first you don't succeed, try, try again.

One more time!

Count me in

Hope this is my day.

Thanks for the offer.

Keep up the good work in 2008.


I love the way Blue Monkeys and Yellow Monkeys have Green Monkeys.

I'm back in the pool.

So what is new with the 2008 edition anyway? Well, I guess the good thing about Turbo tax is the guarantee that they give you if you do your taxes wrong. God knows you don't want to be on the wrong side with IRS.

Same comment, different day!

Here we go again. Trying one more time. Never won anything so far. Hoping for some good luck. Thanks.

ditto x4!

one more time!

Enter me please.

Trying again

Put me in.

One of these times...

Trying my luck.

Fourth time is the charm.

Please, I would like this software!!!

Last year I went with Taxslayer because it was slightly cheaper, but I've always preferred the interface of TurboTax. I've only used the web version, but hopefully I can win this and test out the desktop version to compare. Anyways, I think I'll go with Turbotax again, just so all my tax returns are in one place.

I am first timer tax filing! I need this :)

FMF, thanks for the opportunity to enter this contest.

I really will getit this time.

Let's try again. Keep up the informative site. Thanks.

entry #5

I would really like TurboTax!

Let's try this again!

Love your blog

Try, try, and try again. I'm in.

I still can't wait to do my taxes!

Hook me up! :-)

Try Me, Let's try again one more time !

I'm in Again.

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