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June 19, 2009


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"we have a nationally-ranked football team every year"

Yep, Lions are usually ranked in the bottom 5

I find that not speeding is cheapest.

I always wondered why I've never gotten a speeding ticket... used to average 20mph over(which I've certainly dropped as I've aged). GOOOO BIGGGGG REDDDDD!

eh, Roll Tide. ;)

another great option would be to not speed or do other illegal driving related things

LOL. I prefer not to speed, now that I'm older. But I've suddenly been enlightened. In my younger, speedier days, growing up in Idaho, I never got a ticket. (And neither did my infinitely worse younger brother.) However, moving to Utah for college changed everything. After two expensive speeding tickets, I decided that speeding wasn't worth it.

Ouch... go easy on Big Blue. We'll be back.

When picking a place to retire remember you don't have to shovel sun shine, and you don't have to have a lot of screens if there are not many bugs. Arizona is a great place to retire.


Forget UM, go Spartans.

Well those of us in Mississippi are the best in an interesting category: Giving to charity. However, we are last in everything else that is good and first in all the negative categories.

I'm really surprised Virginia isn't a LOT higher on that list!

As someone who bleeds maroon and gold (University of Minnesota for those outside the Big 10), I can't wait till we can get that brown jug back from you :)

I could never retire anywhere I'd have to check my shoes for scorpions!

I've always thought Michigan has great recreational opportunities if you like the outdoors. I sometimes think of retiring to a little cabin on the water in northern Michigan...

look at all the speeding cameras in chicago,thanks rich daley more money for your family and friends to steal.waiting for olympics for the bigggg taking off the top of goverment daley how much stealing is enough?i know the answer,the world may never know.

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