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November 02, 2010


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Hmmm - that's pretty cool!

I did try working 4 days a week in the past - I'll tell you the one thing I didn't like about it. Family and friends were all busy at work haha! I did enjoy having the extra time to work on my own personal development and projects. However - it was kind of lonely when every else is at work.... That's just the American way...

Great write-up.

I used to have a different kind of "semi-retirement". I'm an attorney that left a job that was both stressful and relatively low paying and started working temporary projects. By saving half of what I made on these projects, I was able to pay off the school loans and a modest house, then realized I didn't need to find another project as soon as one ended. I would work long-hour weeks for a few months (the norm for these projects, which was great b/c they would pay OT pay), but then take a few months off. I worked a long stretch when my wife was pregnant and then took 8 months of when my child was born.

The times have changed a bit to where these projects aren't as easy to come by anymore or pay as much (I used to be able to start one any week I wished), but it was an interesting lifestyle that suited me perfectly. The never seeing a light at the end of the tunnel of M-F work doesn't suit me well.

I'm now running my own business and don't really have the opportunity to take lots of time off anymore, but still save over 50% of what i make so when the opportunity arises again, I'm ready. As I saw with the temp jobs, the difference between horribly stressful 'unemployment' and terrifically wonderful 'vacation' is nothing more than money in the bank.

And seeing my father who still happily goes to work every week (2 days a week) at 67 makes me realize working out a good early semi-retirement is probably the goal afterall, not full retirement, until your mind/body will no longer let you. We generally all enjoy hard work, in moderation....

I'd love to do this but alas the financial situation won't allow it at this time. However, my company does allow compressed work weeks which means people work 4/10s or in my case 4/9s and a 1/2 day on Friday. Yea it's a little more work during the week but I love my longer weekends.

Eventually I'll get there but I have lots of time to do so

Great article! I love the idea!

IMO anyone can do this. any reason against it is simply an excuse. i have experienced several early retirements, or semi retirements - almost to the tune of 1 month off for every 2-3 months worked, often spent traveling and indulging in personal interests/passions. i wouldn't live life any other way

I could do this, but I'm worried about health insurance for my family.
I'd be very interested to know how he pays for health insurance.

Mary --

He still works enough hours to get health insurance from his employer.

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