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October 22, 2011


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I think this is easier for people whose future includes a pension plan.

Hmm....good story so far. Not sure if Ava is old enought to be in college yet. And no mention about mortgage. these would be 2 of the biggest expenses

The article itself doesn't mention where they live, but if you do about 1 minute of sleuthing, you'll find this page: which tells you that he lives in Georgia.

The South is always a wonderful place to be. It's beautiful and inexpensive. Can't wait til I can finally move there!

Sometimes it takes living below your means to reach your goals. It is very hard, and you have to be very determined and strong. That book sounds like a good read.

I think this is easier for people who work as teachers, who get health care and retirement benefits that are generally no longer available to private sector workers. I find it interesting that with the majority of the couples who are profiled in these types of magazine articles , at least one of them is employed in public education.

I believe this is very possible an not as hard as to do as some people seem to think. I am fairly frugal and I live on less than 22K per year. I have no debt at all. I live alone and have no kids. I actually live a very comfortable life. Take vacations, drive a decent car and own a nice home. I make enough that I could spend more, but prefer to save for retirement

The pension and retiree health benefits are a HUGE factor in a couple's comfort level with the plan described. And I agree that the area of the country in which you live makes a massive difference. A $40K salary probably goes as far in Iowa as a $90K salary where I live, except that teachers are still making $40K (or less) here.

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