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June 27, 2012


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Not bad for doing something you enjoy.

It is pretty cool that you guys get to do it together, get paid and enjoy doing it. Enjoy it while you can he'll be out of the house soon enough.

Do you agree with the idea or do you practice putting dollar per dollar earned into your son's Roth IRA?

When my son was in Little League and Pop Warner football I involved myself a lot for the same reason you mention - getting to spend a lot of time with your son. In football I was on the chain gang and in baseball I was an assistant coach when he was in the minors but as he got older the only jobs I could handle was as a board member. I never played football or baseball as a kid. My games growing up in England were soccer and cricket, and I wasn't very good at either. Now that he's 46 and I'm 77 we have a great relationship and he confides in me a lot.

I'll never forget when my son came home from school one day and announced that he had signed up for Little League, I said "How come? you're too young". His reply was, "I know but I added 1 to my age. I also used to watch some of the kids at our nearby park having an impromptu game of baseball. One day I spotted a black kid that was a really great pitcher for his age. I told him that our team could use a pitcher like him, talked to his parents, and we signed him up. That year we had a great season thanks to him. The other coaches then started teasing me by calling me "Branch Rickey", a name that meant nothing to me until they explained that he was a hall of fame major league executive that broke the MLB color barrier by signing Jackie Robinson in 1945.

Luis --

I both agree with it and do it. :)

FMF, great job getting paid to do something you love with your son! In February, I ran the scoreboard for one of our son's basketball tournament games. I noticed two of the refs seemed to be really familiar with each other and discovered that they were father and son. They had worked high school games together for over 10 years.

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