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January 23, 2014


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Yep. All good points.

I called our internet service company yesterday and they lowered our monthly bill by 30%. It was like asking someone for money and them simply giving it to us.

Also, if you ever want to learn about getting discounts, try to meet store managers or even floor workers and ask them. They can clue you in to all kinds of discounts that aren't advertised or not yet announced.

While I see this is talking about buying new...I always ask for a price break when buying in Craig's lists and garage sales and I'd say 95% of time I get some sort of price drop.

I would add...when making a purchase at a jewelry store. One of my good friends who worked retail for years told me that the company granted floor reps authorization for 15% discount without approval, and deeper discounts with managerial approval.

With that in mind, I always ask for a "return customer" discount when visiting my local jeweler.

Great points! I always think of asking for discounts for used stuff, but not when buying new...so this is good stuff!

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