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May 05, 2014


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This is a great read - thanks for sharing your thoughts for those of us considering the landlord business.

Looking forward to seeing the spreadsheet!!

Great post! Are you calculating CAGR on your real estate? I'd be interested to know how well your physical properties perform compared to a REIT index like Vanguard's VGSLX.

Wow. That seems like a whole lot of income production and a great Net for that cost basis. Nicely done.

Very good, thank you for sharing.

BTW, the William Bernstein e-book is free right now:


I greatly enjoyed this post. I own a few rental houses and am a passive partner in two apartment complexes. Yay passive income!


I thought you may have mentioned it before, sorry if I missed these answers, but I have a couple of questions about logistics:
-are you set up as an LLC (or something else) to do these rentals? Either way, why or why not?
-other than the commissions on sales, is your helpful real estate agent getting any other share in these rentals?

Thanks for the informative RE series,

Mike B --

I use an LLC for liability protection.

My agent gets the commissions out of the arrangement and that's it.

Mr. Everyday Dollar --

To do that, I'd have to estimate appreciation on the properties themselves, correct?

FMF- Thanks for sharing this experience/info, its very valuable.

A quick question ....How do you search for these properties? Is this based on certain search filters that Eric may have set up for you?

AK --

I get an email that lists every income property in the city when it's put up for sale. I used to look through each one of these, as would Eric, to see if we were interested. If we were, he would call the realtor, we'd get more details and decide whether to proceed or not. We had to look through a ton of options before we found one we liked (based on our metrics).

That's how it used to work when I lived in Michigan and was actively looking for places. Now I have both Eric and my management company (they have a brokerage arm) looking for me, but my criteria has changed. I really have all the properties I want in Michigan at this point, so I'm only looking for SCREAMING deals (no-brainers). If they can find any, I'm interested. If not, I'm fine where I am.

Not sure if I'm going to buy any places in Oklahoma or not. I'd love to tackle a larger multi-unit place (10 or more units), but not sure I can make it work financially.

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