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January 09, 2017


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We spent about $500; counting mailing costs. We are retired, so my husband and I gave each other “gifts” we would have bought anyway- I gave him gym clothing that he picked out because we work out almost daily, and I received a generous donation to a cause I love. My adult children received food baskets that I put together. More distant relatives received personalized stationery. I feel very good about what I gave and got. The hardest part of holiday shopping for me is the planning involved, everything from who is on the gift list to what is an appropriate gift.

We spent a grand total of $350. Last year we spent $850 and it decimated our budget for January. This year we did a lot more DIY gifts to cut costs. The really great part was that we used credit card rewards to pay off Christmas, so our out of pocket cost for the holidays was only $50. :)

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