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October 11, 2017


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I guess this depends on the area...

Lets say in this area (Miami), my house would be approx $2200 a month. I would still need utilities (usually not included). I pay $1670 which includes Insurance and Taxes. Maintenance if nothing breaks is $35 a month.

To compare, I have an investment property I rent out for $1450 thats 1000 Square Feet smaller than my house...

I have recently had the opportunity to try apartment living after losing my house to an unfortunate event. I too always thought how nice it would be to live in an apartment and leave behind all the hassles and costs of home ownership and yes, be able to lock the door and leave town and dispose of all the excess belongings.
Here is what I have discovered. If you can afford it, nothing is a substitute for home ownership: your privacy, no one else's rules, no noisy neighbors above the ceiling or on the other side of the wall, no one else's cars blocking your entrance on your property, no waiting for maintenance man to saunter in without the repair parts as if he is doing you a favor to be there. And as far as reducing one's belongings....if you have the room, keep all you want. There is nothing more frustrating than needing a safety pin on your way out the door (you threw out a whole pill bottle of them) or that sweater you wear once every 10 years, or that pot you use once every 5 years. You have earned the right to accumulate (I do not mean hoard) anything you have the room for. It is much easier to go to that closet or that drawer to find what you need than to get in the car and fight the traffic to go shop for the item. As far as not leaving the mess for someone else to clean out, once you are gone; believe me, they will find it a lot easier to dispose of the stuff than you can. Just a look at the "other side of the coin".

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