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April 01, 2005


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Hey FMF,

I've posted this Week's carnival [link is on my signature above].

btw, the DNS is set up incorrectly on your site so that:
doesn't work but:
does. They should both go to your site.

Also I sent 2 emails to FMF [at] freemoneyfinance [dot] com and both were returned "Unknown user". Probably due to the same DNS issues.

Take care,


"Random Walk Down The Wall Street" by Burton G. Malkiel is my favorite stock market related book. I believe it is a must read before anyone starts investing. I have asked almost everyone in my family to at least flip through the pages of the book. I have read this book at least 4 times.

Hey FMF. I thought I'd contact letting you know that I think it would really help if you included the date as part of your post. Currently, you only have time but that is not useful for those of us who come daily. I've found more than once that I needed to view all of a month to find out what I read last.

J --

I tried to email you to get some clarification on what you mean (dates are at the top of each day), but I haven't heard anything, so I'm not sure it went through. Can you explain further or email me?



I found your web site,, via and I am impressed by the quality of it.

I would gladly post your link on the front page of (PR5), also I can offer you links on other web pages, like (PR 4) or on the index page of (PR 5).

In return I would very much appreciate it if you could link to my Insurance web site.

I am looking forward to your email, or you can also reach me via Yahoo messenger([email protected]).

Emma Cwen
[email protected]

Hi FMF, I have tried several times to email you, they keep bouncing. Any ideas?

BTW it is a tad ironic that we need to post a valid email address to contact you (i.e. with @ and not _at_) given your discussion of why you do not do so for spam reasons ;)

You might get more comments (good and bad points on this) if you did not require this. Maybe use word verification to stop spammers? I JUST added it this week to my blog to cut down on spam comments and have been very happy with results.



Jim --

I think you are mixing up three issues -- one is that spammers commonly take email addresses off sites and use them (that's why I list my address the way it's listed). The second is the need to submit an email to make a comment. The third is the use of comments by spammers. here are my thoughts on each of these:

1. Emails on blogs are commonly listed like this. It's an easy way to provide access to the author without the author getting on a spam list.

2. While a person needs to sumbit an email to list a comment, that email is only sent to me, not listed in public, so no spammer can get it. Hopefully, people know that I am not a spammer. That said, there are ways to get around this. (i.e. [email protected]. :-)

3. I'm not getting enough spam comments to warrant adding a security system to comments at this point. I hate those things and it makes it harder to comment, so I'm just manually deleting the spam stuff for now. If it gets to be too much, I'll make changes as needed.

Not sure why my email's bouncing you today. I am getting other emails, but who knows if I'm missing some too?


I checked out the getting paid by doingng survey on line/watching T.V.etc,etc. I guess it is anextremely easy way to make some money when we have spare time ,but are these safe? Are they some kind of " catch to get our personal info or something like that?


I'd love to win a finance book.


Your URL in your bloglines link is messed up it has a double http: in it.

I have an old rollover check that I have never cashed. I am having a difficult time getting the institution to issue me a new check. Eventhough, the bank advised me that the account is still open and it has funds. What can I do to make them issue me a new check? Are there any laws out there to protect that check.

Sorry, I can't help you. I'd suggest contacting an investment advisor in your area.


1. What do you think about the Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) that tracks an equal weighted S&P 500?
2. Do they perform better than the S&P 500 index no load mutual funds? (For example Rydex S&P Equal.

David --

Check out this article and see if it answers your questions:


I have been trying to email you with my address to mail the book to. I was the winner on 4/22, but it keeps getting bounced back to me. Is there another way to get my address to you?

great site!

great site, you dont indicate if their is a set advertising rate?

Just rec'd a notice from Quicken today saying they will no longer support Q2004. Really need Q2007 fast. Thanks.

I was told that a 401k would be taxed at 35,45, or 55 percent upon retirement. Is that actually true.

It's taxed at your tax rate when you withdraw the money (years in the future.) Could it be 35, 45, or 55 percent? I guess it COULD, but it's highly unlikely in my opinion. Unless, of course, you have a ba-zillion dollars of income from other sources too. In which case, it won't matter to you. ;-)

This is an awesome web site that offers lots of good information. Keep the good job up!



Thank you for running the contest and gifting all of the participants with the $5 coupon

I know that I am sending this email on the "Your Greatest Asset: You" message but I have a question. The question is that mid 40's and on are your greatest investment growing time or years. Do you know of any statistics that state how much of your total retirement is usually invested in that time frame. I am 44 and am doing very well from what I can tell but it would be interesting for me to have an idea of how much I could figure would be saved in these later years. Can you shed any light on this question? It would be greatly appreciated.


I am a chinese .I come to visit you website for the first time .what did you write are verry good.and i will visit your website for the next time.and i'd like to make a friend with you .
I also wish that you can come to visit my blog,and link then for the well communication.

I was hoping you could add my blog to your list. I've been around for more than a year. Thanks!

I'll guest post, if you'd like.

I tried following the links to see whoo isis this week Quicken winner, but all it does it goes to Nov 9th post and no actual name of ewinner. Do you actually contact the winner by email, or he has o see his name listed on you current post and then claim it? Can you clarify this once and for all?


Paul --

When you go to the post on the 9th, the first line now tells you to see my comment below for the winner.

Scroll to the end of the comments and see where I've declared who the winner is.

Hi, FMF!

I've just found your website, and I really like it! There is a ton of helpful financial information on this site. I particularily like that you have a section that includes what the Bible says about money--I think that is really important. The articles and posts have some great info, and what's also great is the variety of subjects readers can view. I have recently started my own website/blog called the The Stockoholic. It is more of a specialized site, in that I discuss ideas, opinion and advice about stock market investing. It's definitely in its infancy stages, but your website is truly what I'd like my website to be like (but more in the stock market realm). How would one get his or her website to the point FMF is at?
Would it be possible for you to e-mail me tips and/or advice? Also, may I list your website on mine as a link?
I look forward to hearing from you, and please keep up the good work! You definitely found a new reader (or should I say, a new reader has found you)! Have a Happy and Safe New Year!

Joe --

Read and apply these tips:

Good luck!

Just wanted to let you know that your content is being ripped off with no attribution:

That is, unless that is you cross-posting your own content...

Got any suggestions on how to go about deleting email notifications from your site to two of my email addresses when I have switched over to the feed? Thanks!

Finding it impossible to subscribe to your website

You have an excellent blog. I noticed recently you publish some guest post. Do you occasionally invite guets bloggers or do you accept guest posts at any time?

I am REALLY late but is it, by chance, too late to get the $50 lender card that I won around April 7?

Cool --

Yes. You're about three months too late.

Thought this newspaper article was interesting. It is a great showing of living beyond you means (not presented that way). If you have the time to read any of the comments, you'll see the reason this family is broke (42K Salary).

She quit her job, they consider many luxuries to be necessities and so forth.

I think the old idea that you wanted to do better than your parents did is being taken to mean that you should start off better than your parents are now. When did this change? The American Dream is supposed to be about the chance to improve you life, but that usually takes work and determination, it is not a forgone conclusion!

hi i was wondering if fmf also reaches out and helps individuals with a great cause or is the money raised primarily donated to organizations?

K. Hong --

It's given to organizations that I support and ones that have verifiable records of success. In other words, no individual contributions.

OH YEah - can't wait to get this bad boy!

Hey FMF,

First I would like to thank you for such wonderful posts for money saving ideas and information. Like you, I have been using Chase Freedom chase credit card to earn cash back as no other card in market beats the cash back rate (within my budget).

While reviewing my credit report, i noticed that Credit limit for my chase freedom is listed as $0.0 (though I have limit of $10K). All others credit card limits are ok. When disputed and talking to credit bureau (Experian), they informed that Chase reports like this and they cannot do anything and I should speak to Chase. When I spoke to Chase representative, they informed that my Freedom card is Visa signature card which works differently. It does have any concept of maximum credit limit; I have infinite limit, that’s why they report $0.0 as credit limit to credit bureau; $10K is initial spending limit but I can go above it anytime. They suggested to downgrade from Freedom Visa signature to Freedom Visa to get a credit limit reported to credit bureau.

Following are my queries:
1) Since I charge most of the expense on Chase Freedom card and limit is $0.0, I feel my credit balance/limit ratio will be very high and is hurting my credit score. Can you comment and confirm my understanding?
2) Have you observed such limit ($0.0) being reported in your case ?

Thanks for your help.

Peter --

I'll post your questions in a couple weeks or so. Look for them then.


a short while ago, you had this charles schwab 2% "investment" cash back card that you were excited about. have you decided on going for this card?


Jonathan --

I'll be doing the analysis in the next month or so and posting my results -- look for it then.


What do babysitters charge? Could you please open the question to your readers? My daughter just completed a Red Cross babysitters class. She wants to get started but not sure what is an acceptable hourly rate. Any help would be appreciated. Great blog. Thanks, Mike

Mike --

Already done it:

Dear FMF,
This is a very interesting blog. How can I submit my articles to be included in next carnival?

Ishan --

Go to and submit to the carnivals you're interested in. I only host one once a year or so, and I just had one.


I hear about “making extra income online filling out surveys, reviewing products… ect.” Do you know of a certain company or site that is actually ligit? I found this one (below)- and I am debating wheater or not to try them out. Doing some research I came acorss a few horror stories about some of these companies and I don’t want to deal with that. Is there a good company out there, that you know of - that will NOT screw you over, where you can earn some extra cash?

This one below is saying you earn $10/hr - which seems reasonable and is not promising huge results or a "Get Rich Quick" scheme - so maybe they are ligit?

[link removed]


Lynn --

I would do all the research I could online, check out forums, etc. and then decide on which organization(s) to go with. Start here and see where it takes you:

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