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April 01, 2005


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A recently laid off friend just "invested" $1,500 with a multi-level marketing (MLM) company, having succumbed to the promises of a "six-figure income in two to three years . . . if you do it right." Of course, there is a plethora of "training materials" to purchase and seminars to attend if you aren't earning those figures as well as a requirement of $100/month in products to purchase. He said this MLM "is different because you only have to link to two people so it's a column, not a pyramid."

Why are people still getting suckered by these pyramid schemes? Can someone write the definite post on these scams?

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Appreciated your message tonight at Resurection Life Church.
Thank you


Love your site and very good insights and interesting information everyday. As I live in America less than 10 years, I still have a lot to learn not only about how to manage money but also how to make the best within the America's system. But I'm also thinking to move back to my home country in a few years, not sure how this will impact my strategies in investing and retirement? Can I still get the money from Social Security and Medicare? Something like that. Would you discuss some of these topics in your site?

Dear sir,
I recently submitted a comment to your "Buy Term and Invest the Difference" article that I would like to remove. It is interfering with an article I have written for "HubPages" because I reused some of my comments, and they have a strict original content policy. Please advise me as to the best way to go about this.
Thank you.

Robb --

I removed it this time.

I hate to remove valid comments, so please be mindful of what you post in the future.

The new green background is KILLING me eyes. Please, please change it or lighten it. I love your blog, but it is giving me a headache


D --

Better now? ;-)

I do not live near a Costco. But, I have been to their website and I am considering a membership just to be able to purchase online. Thoughts- is this a probable good deal or a waste of time? I am comfortable buying online.

Thank you.

MA --

It all depends on whether or not you think you'll save the membership fee by doing so...

are you associated with unclaimed money databases jon macvean

QUESTION? Asking for a little help.
Where do you put your savings so that it is SAFE, NO RISK, but that it is growing consistently 4 to 5%, that is still liquid so you can use it if you need it. Preferably the growth should be tax free. Please help me out on this friends or who ever.

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