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April 12, 2005


Feed You can follow this conversation by subscribing to the comment feed for this post. is one site where I really appreciate. It has presented several and wide array of topics worth exploring for. It has symbolizes the concept of what the U.S. is all about - free press, free opinions and free analysis of financial side tracts worth emulating for. I really love this site for I have made several comments and opinions. We truly respect the owner of this site and I personally abide by its ground rules. Specifically, my comments are centered mainly to further internalize the western finance concepts, rules and principles which I really admire. Never in the history have I encountered such wonderful and wise wisdom on finance such as this site and those that are posted in the internet where the wonder of wonders of western financial concepts are revealed. Truly I admire the western - U.S.A. innovations and advancements made in technology. Today at the click of the mouse communication barriers could be bridged. The U.S.A. unitedly with the leadership of Bill Gates has made information technology so easily accessed. We cherished, we support, we hail the western intelligence and inventions for making the internet available for every body. The concept of e-world citizenship has arrived. Much as we praise to all the rest of the technologies at hand we also take note of the as one of my most admired site today in the modern world of internet.

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