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April 18, 2005


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The best way to minimize the expenses is to DISSAPEAR the disposable income.

I do that by paying myself first: sending as much money as I can to my brokerage account, forcing my checking account to be as close to 0 as I can confortably be. That way I feel like I don't have a cent to spare.

BTW, Where do you sell the book?

Jose -- I don't sell the book at this point. We printed and sold/gave away over 100,000 copies and I'm in discussions with another company about printing and distributing the next round. Thanks for asking!

I feel this principle is the one that most people agonize over... because it's hundreds and hundreds of daily decisions (unlike income for instance where you only make a few key decisions). My advice is to make as many decisions on autopilot as possible. But - check your direction occasionally.

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