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April 25, 2005


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Love this idea.
I have a Mazda Miata 96 that I love.
Kind of old, but runs perfectly.
I have given it a lot of care, and I see the care I give the car as an "investment". It allows me to avoid having to buy a new car.

So... Invest in appreciating stuff.

MAINTAIN the non appreciating stuff, so that you can invest more in Principle #4.

thats not a good thing because if ur house is ur biggest asset ur in trouble ,with liabalities such as maintence mortgage and paying the bank ,thats a bnig no no u see alot of people in america dont know the diffrence between assests and liablities some think they do have assest but is really a liabiltiy

Your house is only your asset if your mortgage is paid off, until then it is a residual income asset to the bank and your liability.

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