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May 26, 2005


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I could use a moose...

a moose would be nice. but it's too bad they're not giving away ice cream too!

Count me in!

Joy -- Maybe we'll get them to do the ice cream for our 10,000th visitor! ;-)

Sign me up buddy, congratulations too! :)

Congratulations FMF-I enjoy your insights! steve

Did someone say free moose? ;P

Congrats! You are off to a roaring start and things are only looking up. {thumbs up}

Great idea!

Thanks for making a great site. My little girl would love a beanie Moose.

I like mooses, and cardboard, and drinking straws, and your site!

thanks for the opportunity!

Congrats on the 1,000 hits!!!

what the. my comment didnt show up.

oh well, one more try..

and also another vote for free icream ;)

Good job keeping track of your benchmarks! These milestones are important and are valuable indicators of progress.

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