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May 05, 2005


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Quitting smoking is a great idea - there was an article in The Week about this. Apparently in a study by Ohio State, they found that smokers saved less than non-smokers because they didn't consider smoking in their budget, I discussed it at my blog.

Jim --

Yep, this stuff can really add up. If someone smokes half a pack a day and a pack costs $5, that's $913 per year wasted, if it's a pack a day, that's $1,825 and if it's two packs a day, that's $3,650 -- all money that's literally gone up in smoke.

Then multiply this by five, ten, or twenty years that people smoke, add in what they could have earned if they had invested the money, and consider the extra health care costs of smokers and you can really see that from a financial point of view, smoking does not pay.

If you visit here again, please leave the link to your article. I think people would like to read it.


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