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June 22, 2005


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Just read here - Costco vs. Wallmart, another reason why I love Costco.

Thanks for picking up this story! Much appreciated. There must hundreds of botched and poorly executed ideas out there.

I wonder how many people actually stop to tell the company that they are being ridiculous?

All the best to you!


Well, I suppose that I'd market harder if I knew that there were direct competition in the area.

I'm a member of Costco as well, and it does have its advantages. But they also have the upper hand -- they have your membership fee. If anything, I would think that paying a membership fee would give you BETTER service, not worse service. But since you're not likely to leave your membership fee behind, you end up carrying out your groceries in discarded boxes, getting a "find it yourself" approach to customer service, and getting badgered by employees because you're keeping a price book (they thought I was with the competition doing price points). And for a lot of items, the prices just aren't that great.

As for the bank thing, you could call them up, ask them to honor the new deal for you, and threaten to cancel if they don't. It usually costs a lot more to get a new customer than it does to keep an existing one, so they may just give it to you. Credit card companies pay on average over $100 to get a customer, so sure they'll lower your rate if you ask.

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