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June 23, 2005


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People, People, People. This article is another in a constant complaint I hear about nowadays.

There is a problem and the government is not doing anything to help me with it.

Just stop right there. Quit thinking that the government was put in place to solve EVERY problem. The government cannot stop identity theft. They will never be able to stop it. They have no control over who is doing it. Putting more laws in place will not STOP identity theft. People are not stealing information because they are not getting punished. People are stealing identities because they have nothing better to do with their lives. There is nothing that the government can ever do or say to stem or stop that.

Stand up and take responsibility for your life. Quick relying on the government to solve everything. Please share with me the last time that "government" came up with a great idea, discussed it, every one agreed, implemented it, and a major problem ended up being solved?

Patrick --

Generally, I agree with you. I'm not a big government guy and I advocate personal responsibility as you note. However, it's hard to have personal responsibility when others (banks, credit card companies, department stores, restaurants, doctors, the list goes on and on) have control or access to your personal information. Just how is someone supposed to keep Mastercard from losing their information? Not have a credit card? I don't think that's a practical solution.

Yes, there should be harsher penalities for identity theft. As you say, this won't deter most, but it will deter some. I think that the main focus of legislation needs to be on the companies that handle private information and data. If they're going to be responsible for this information, then they need to be responsible and accountable.

Furthermore, this post was as much a "what is Congress doing anyway?" post as much as anything else. Seems like all they've done over the past six months is fight with each other, fillibuster (or threaten to) our government to death, and, oh yes, hold those ever-important steroid hearings. Is this why we elect these people? Are they really accomplishing anything?


It is the government's job to stop identify theft. Make it a federal law and anyone caught manufacturing, contributing, using or any way helping to commit identify theft would be sentenced to JAIL time. I'm not talking 30 days, 60 etc. I'm talking 5 years doing hard time and with heavy fines.

Individuals do not have the resources needed when you have 3 major credit scoring companies along with FICO scoring that basically determine if you can get a loan. The government needs to have better ways to clear up people who have been the victim of identity theft also. I've read many horror stories about people who years later are still struggling to get back on their feet because their identity was stolen.

There are many things broke in society, and this is just one of them. Crime will always go down when there is more jail time or fines levied upon someone. If someone would get 1 year mandatory or 5 years for committing identity theft do you think they would commit less crimes against people?... The answer is obviously yes, and that's just one aspect of what the government and the governments of the state need to do.

There are many more things which can be done, but this would make an immediate impact and statement.

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