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June 13, 2005


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By the way, you can opt out of a lot of the pre-screened credit offer by contacting the credit bureaus.

I don't get ANY credit card offers any more (which is how I like it)since I (1) opted out through the Direct Marketing Association and (2) wrote to Citibank and Bank of America requesting that they take me off of any and all lists.

A while ago I contacted Discover to tell them to stop sending me offers. I was getting one every other day. Somehow, I'm back on their list. 17 is a good guess, but since that's already taken, I'll say 16.

Hmmm... I'll take a guess at 14.

As long as we aren't playing Price is Right style where you have to be close without going over I'm going to with 31. If we are playing Price is Right it looks like 18 is the hot number right now :)

I average about 25-30 per month. 90% of those seem to come from Providian and Citibank. I'll guess 25.

as mentioned, you can always opt-out. here's the link to it online:

there's pros and cons to it.. some offers really are pre-approves for a selective pool of people with what they're looking for... so if you want some nice offer, you might want to stay opt-in.

one major reason to opt-out is to do it about 3-6 months before you begin your mortgage loan hunting... the minute that mortgage loan inqury shows up... you'll get all those lovly calls from loan companies.

anyways.. I'll go with 23.

I guess 27 - almost one a day maybe?

I'll say 30. I get way too many as well. I've already got the Citi Dividend and AMEX Blue Cash and i'm not eligible for the black card so it's not as if there are any better cards out there.

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