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June 09, 2005


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I have a dalmation and two cats. For my wife and I, the most expensive part is the food. I do buy good food, and on that I spend about 30$/mo. Once a year they all get shots at the discount mobile vet ( ). I buy hairball remedy-treats in bulk, but I've heard a little bit of petroleum jelly on their nose will do just as well. The dog wont behave without a little bit of treats, so we buy those in bulk too. Boarding is really expensive, so we have a neighbor who has a pet-sitting business take care of them. She's not cheap either. No doubt, pets are definitely an extra expense and the cost should be thoroughly considered before purchase. I agree that I do enjoy them and I feel that they're worth every penny. My wife and I have made agreements that if anyone became ill, the most we would spend on attempting to return them to health would be a set amount before deciding to have them put to rest. She had the dalmatian and I had the cats before we were wed.

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