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June 22, 2005


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8 - Total number of times I've tried cutting my own hair.

2 - Times I put large bald-spots on my head by accident while cutting my own hair.

4 - Times I've had to visit the barber to fix a bad haircut I gave myself.

1 - Number of times I gave myself a semi-decent haircut.

1 - Number of times I've had to take off all my hair because I messed up so bad.

Moral of story: Make sure you're better than I am with scissors and trimmers before cutting your own hair!


If you're going to shave it, I suppose this makes sense, otherwise I couldn't ever cut my own hair.

Hey, I've been trying to email you at FMF {at} freemoneyfinance [dot] com and it's been bouncing back to me.

I'm afraid I'll NEVER cut my own hair. But, since I only go to the parlour a couple of times a year or so, I think I'm saving enough on that. :-)

However, I have been cutting my husband's hair and our baby boy's hair. My hubby's only been to the barber's 2-3 times in the last 3 years, I think. No one else has touched my 17-month old's locks. Not sure how much we've saved by doing this, but all I know is that it costs about AU$15 per hair cut for males.

I've been dyeing my wife's hair for a year or so. We've probably saved a few hundred bucks so far. Today, I tried my hand at cutting her hair. I wouldn't trust myself for a full hairstyle, but for a maintenance cut, it came out quite well.

For myself, I try to stretch haircuts out, going from military short to Beatley over 4 months.

I've been saving money for a long time. I didn't cut my hair for a while now.

I've been cutting my hair since Oct. 2005 approxiamtely. I love the results and have saved a bunch of money I think. I've even cut my friends' hair! It's really not that hard and once you get the hang of it it's super easy and quite quick. I reccomend it - and if you're nervous, start when you have long hair and cut only a little. Go to the hair cutting place if you mess up. Once you're situated, try new things! I cut myself bangs and love them!

i have heard of cutting you rown hair by tying it up in a high pony tail and then cutting some of the pony tail off. if i did this a little bit at a time do you think that it would look ok. i like my hair to be layered so i guess this would work.

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