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June 02, 2005


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About half in real estate properties, the other in stocks.

Your posting proves that with a bit of effort, you can improve over the average American finances. Furthermore, if we all improve at the same time, we improve the nation as a whole.

Median Value of Assets for Households, less than 35 years old: 5,896

So Flexo and Frugal girl are above their times.

Nationwide: 46,506

So JLP is above the nation.

BTW, I am 29.

Yikes, when you show my net worth like that, it looks like I haven't been doing so well. :> And Frugalgirl has a finac she's including in there. If I were to include my girfriend, my net worth would be dragged down farther. :>

Anyway, it's not a contest between bloggers, and everyone has their own set of unique circumstances. Let's just have fun. :>

Oh, and thanks for the link!

Flexo -- Based on the stats Jose gave, it seems to me that you're 5 times better than the average. ;-)

Add mine :-) Just published:

I have mixed feelings about posting your monthly progress. One the one hand I love it because you are throwing it out to the world and you strive harder to achieve it.On the other hand some of the sites tend to be all about "me" and I think the focus should be on helping others. Many sites do a great job of balancing both!

The way I look at it is that there are better places to go than blogs for financial help. If dispensing advice was the only goal of blogs and their authors, they'd all be pretty much the same. Save a lot, earn what you can, invest wisely, etc. The personal bit is what makes a blog interesting. If I have to read the same piece of advice on thirty personal finance blogs, especailly if it's dispensed in a preachy manner, there's no motivation for me to continue reading all of those sites.

But I do agree that balance is very important...

The housing bubble has probably, temporarily, caused household net worth to increase a LOT since the 2000 census.

The collapse of the housing bubble will probably cause the opposite effect, because many people have increase their leverage by taking out more loans.

And by the way, I don't post my net worth on my blog because I don't think my readers care, and it can be interpreted as either bragging or pathetic, depending on the reader's perspective.

But I'd be interested in knowing how large of a net worth would attract women.

No amount of net worth will attract a woman worth having ; )

"Furthermore, if we all improve at the same time, we improve the nation as a whole." Now that's a statement I can stand behind.

I am negative like $110,000. :(

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