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June 09, 2005


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I DO post my net worth. Look at the right side of my page!


Nev --

Do you mean the amount you call "Total on Hand" or is there a link I'm missing?

Generally, net worth is assets - liabilities = net worth, and since I didn't see 1) long-term assets, 2) any liabilities, and 3) the term "net worth" used, I couldn't be sure if this was your net worth or not. Maybe you just don't have any of #1 or #2, but it's not clear. Can you clear it up for me? I'd love to include you in my on-going tally of updates. (free links!) ;-)


I don't have any liabilities. I pay off everything as the bills comes in.

The only thing I owe is my business holding account. I owe that amount to a company, but that exact amount is held in cash.


I am not really sure how to calculate my net worth. I have started my own personal finance blog. I am 24 years old, don't own a home, having some savings but over $42,000 in student loans and a little under $5,000 in credit card debt. Do I factor all that debt in? What advice can you offer? I post all of my financial info on my blog, including debt, income, etc. Great site!

Miss Money --

Here are a couple posts to help you out:

Nice site you have. I'll be watching. ;-)


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