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June 29, 2005


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Why is it that what appears to be extreme saving as viewed by others is followed by the advice to enjoy life? How is it that we assume these people don't find enjoyment out of this. I would see this a better obsession than collecting over 2000 elephants for example.
my 2¢

Without knowing the people you really can't judge (I also haven't read the cases). These extreme savers may have enjoyed their lives even though they were sacrificing what most of us consider necessary comforts. On the other it is probable that there are some extreme savers that make themselves absolutely miserable for fear of wasteful spending. Although I wouldn't put myself in the latter category (truth be told I don't save enough)....I have been know to agonize over a decision to buy a book (and it has happen with a gift card). The big thing you have to have a balance to it all and find where you are comfortable.

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