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July 13, 2005


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I love 401k's-and they work very well but let me give you food for thought. You can get all the same benefits by making after tax contributions. Yes, you loose the tax break but when you are fifty something you are living large because you don't have the tax burden!

Great post! I must have missed this one. I have you on my blog reader to read your updates, just need to go through your archives more thoroughly. Your blog is one of my favorites!

Yes I like 401K's too but I limit it to as much as company matches, no more. Incidentally, yesterday I moved my future contribution to after-tax. I think when it is time to take the money out at age 66, my tax rate would be higher than my current 12% (mortgage and family of 2 kids). Whether it is pre or post tax, the money will grow at more or less similar rate. So why pay 25+% tax in future? Is my thinking sound?

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