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July 25, 2005


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Nicely done Free Money-you've set the bar high for next week!

Congratulations! For the first time ever (I believe) you have been linked by the blogfather (Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit).

Should have been more clear on the first post. This is the first time (I believe) that Instapundit has linked to the Carnival of Personal Finance.

Yes, Glenn was very kind to link here. I read his blog several times a day and am grateful for the link. However, I think he has linked to the Carnival a couple times before -- he is very generous that way when it comes to introducing his traffic to new blogs through carnivals. ;-)

Wow... this looks like the who's who of personal finance blogs.

Pick me for your Carnival of Finance #7. :)

This is an interesting community.

Monty Loree's - Financial Maturity Blog

In a recent interview with Warren Buffet it was said that “ when Warren Buffett holds cash and says he doesn't see opportunity, it sets off alarm bells for everyone”. My comment on this is that In a period of turmoil where so many risk such as gasoline prices are threatening the continental economy the most advantageous way of keeping your finance in the black s in 1-2-3 steps [1st] maintaining your financial charge low and [2nd] protecting your capital as well as [3 rd] reducing tax cost. The first step could be achieve by acquiring swaps or long position on fixed interest rate the second by selling call option on stock that performed well for a strike price that insure your gain and buy put option at this same price. If the stock soars you may have to sell, but you’ll make money anyway, otherwise you’ll simply insure your profit for a fraction of the normal cost. The 3rd step is acheived by paying your personnal debt first and maintain your investment debt as low as possible.

Michel Maher, CGA, LLD, Lawyer (Québec Bar)

If interested in these strategies you may have more detail in a book on taxation of financial derivatives at or consult at

I know this is an outdated post, but can anyone eloborate this "Carnival" thing. I already read about it elsewhere, but I don't really get the point..anyone?

Casper --

Read this:

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