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July 11, 2005


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Actually, it make more sense to start with debts that carry biggest interest and continue to one with smaller interest. This way you make most of your money.

Financial Crimes are not unknown in the health care industry. Until recently the concept of money laundering has generally been relegated to the periphery of business crimes involving the mob and drug lords trying to "clean" the source of ill gotten gains. Recently a federal grand jury in South Carolina indicted 10 former executives, including its former general counsel, of a prominent practice management and billing software firm for fraud and money laundering.

i worked for solectron that was recently taken over by flextronics. and we have been told by flextronics that our 401k's are going to be moved directly into their plans. and alot of us did not want this! we wanted to rollover our 401k's into ira's. this does not sound legal to me! we signed up for solectron 401k's not flextronic's. is this america or a socialist nation now? tell me we have some way to fight these nazi's.

Good to know I'm not alone :) this was a good article - Calculating my net worth by taking the total of all your assets (house, car, investments) minus my debts helped me to re-arrange my money perspective. Thank you.

The Post by Andrew Spark on Financial Crimes leads to a Mexican pharmacy site. Is the real link available?

Geri --

That's Andrew's website. It's not meant to be a link to an article.

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