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July 19, 2005


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I totally agree with this. My great aunt had a sewing machine from 1970. It runs like a dream, because she took such good care of it. She's gone now, but the sewing machine is still in use. It can also be helpful to learn how to do minor servicing yourself, to save money. I know someone who does the routine maintenance on his cars, which can save a lot over time.

A great reminder. A friend of mine had her washing machine hose burst,it created a nightmare of a mess,there is nothing worse than WATER DAMAGE. She had to replace all the downstairs carpet due to the stink, her furniture was damaged too from 2-3 inches of water. Turn the water off after you use the machine, do not leave it turned on when not in use. Install the mesh hoses, stay away from the rubber ones, they tend to expand with heat and water pressure.

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