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August 23, 2005


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I don't know how realistic the animal cops are on the Animal Planet Channel but I am concerned about owning a pet. I have never treated an animal as badly as the people on the show but still, people are being arrested. These animal cops are also telling people it is against the law to butcher rabbits, own your own animal rescue shelter, fight dogs or roasters. I have wondered where they draw the line. Sure I am against intentinally harming another animal but when will the day come when I will be arrested for stepping on ants or killing bacteria. Aren't these animal life also?

Well, I've been taking care of a couple of cats lately, for about a couple of weeks. It was great fun, even having a cat jump up and down on me while I was trying to sleep. I found that to get the cats to behave I had to split my affections fairly equally, even though one of the two was much more aggressive in her demands for said affection. I won't miss trying to read my computer screen or pages of a book while trying to peer around a kitten's face. But the apartment feels a little emptier.

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