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August 22, 2005


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Thanks for the informative post! Should be a great resource for the Carnival of Personal Finance hosts and participants.

Thank you so much for this! I really appreciate it!

Excellent post.

Thanks for putting this gem together. I'll refer to it often, I'm sure!

This is a tremendous summary of the purpose and value of submitting to and reading the various blog carnivals. This is a must read post for anyone interested in blog carnivals.

Thanks. This is a good one!

Thanks, all. I spent a lot of time researching this topic and I appreciate your comments. Especially yours, Wayne, as you're an expert on this subject -- I learned a lot of it from you.

Hi. Made my way here via ProBlogger. FYI, Bora at Science and Politics has written extensively about blog carnivals - historical analysis, tips for successful blog carnivals, and comprehensive listing of blog carnivals. Good complement to your post!

Very nice!

In the case of CotC, I e-mail Instapundit. Once in a while, a host will beat me to it and he'll link via that, but he particularly looks for the e-mail from me.

Jay --

Good to know! When I host the carnival, I'll make sure you're Johnny on the Spot! ;-)


The latest Meta-Carnival has more info:

Thank you so much for your great article! The Blawg Review just got a 9am Wednesday Instapundit link:

I (the host) didn't email him myself - was just about to - but the editor of the Bawg Review did.

Hey, great post! I wanted to point out a couple of things that I think you may find interesting to include in your research and thoughts.

1. The Carnival of Cordite posts on Friday and gets as much traffic as Monday morning Carnivals. I know this because I've hosted it. :-)

2. If the Carnival "owner" emails InstaPundit he definitely links, even if the host doesn't. I am the "owner" of the Carnival of Liberty ( and he always links based on my email.

Carnivals are a great way to build traffic, links and gain prominence within the community of bloggers that you align best with. The Carnival of Liberty, for example, is sponsored by the Life, Liberty, Property community ( and promotes libertarian type ideas and principles.

Thanks again for the excellent write up, I'll be linking it on my own blog.

We're starting to track carnivals over at, so if you want to find the most recent edition of a carnival, come visit.

Well, I tried your tips, to no avail. Instead Instapundit put up a link to last week's Carnival of Personal Finance instead, and at 8pm tonight? Maybe we'll get a link next week =)

Re: Instapundit

Not always. Sometimes, he just doesn't read/open emails. Over the summer he skipped three carnivals I hosted and emailed him about. I even sent nice reminders. Nothing. Then he mentioned the following week that he missed the previous, so my email is apparrently tagged as "scum" or "spam" by his system. This included both recipes and vanities so it's not like they are minor...

How is the "Host" chosen? Can one apply somewhere to become a host?

Dan --

Each carnival has an "owner" (as noted above) and if you want to host a specific carnival, you need to contact the owner and ask him or her if you can. It's pretty simple, really, though I'd suggest you submit some posts before you apply -- just to get a feel for what the carnival is like.


is this something similar to viral marketing?

I am interested. I am all in for this. Thank you for sharing!


keep up the good work!

Very helpful, thank you

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