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August 10, 2005


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When you have bad credit getting a loan at a reasonable interest rate can be difficult. I spend my time researching and posting information for Americans seeking fair interest rates. Bad debt is a great reason for getting a bank loan but there are many other reasons people with bad credit need financing. I briefly touch on these issues on this page. Regardless of how bad your credit is, if you see lender’s directory below.

If your credit is badly damaged and you need a loan for a car, house, education or consolidation, you understand the frustration of facing unfair interest rates. Many financing companies treat people with bad credit poorly.

They crank up their interest rate and then act like they are doing you a favor just because of your bad credit rating. The banks use the Fair Isaac database/system to classify your rating and approve your high interest loan all in one breath. If you don’t like the way you are being treated by your local banks you can use the internet. Since you are reading this that means you likely have a bad credit rating and you are considering the benefits of an online loan.

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