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August 21, 2005


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Seems like we have to learn from him.

does bill gates have any pets?

does bill gates have any pets?

What is Bill Gates Credit Score?

i hate this site and bill gates

hey bill can i have like 10 grand? so my mom can pay off her bills, i know other people are in debt and have bills to pay but im only 13 and tht would be the best present for my mom for her birthday, u have my e-mail, and everyone else i no hes probobly not going to do this but im going to try anyways

i'll take 1 billion...

hi everyone
if bill gate has so much money as i have always heard,why is he not helping most of us from poor african countries like cameroon.

Bill Gates hmmm............

have you ever heard give a man a fish feed him for a day
teach a man to fish and feed him for a lifetime?
i know there are exceptions but serriously u think one guy can make everything better? cuz thats just a load of crap and u guyz know it

My son and his family are in need of finanical help. They have tried every where for help but can they get help? NO.....Some people can get all they want and others can only get by. I've been to social services with no help. I know God has a reason for some of the things that happen. Bill Gates just happens to have the silver spoon that everyone talks about.

people who sya hes hasn't given any thing to charity are wrong. he has given about half his lifetime income tto charity. about ($48,000,000,000)

Why do you tell people how to spend there money you have no right. I have a family of twelve brouthers and sisters and my mom just got over breast cancer and my dad just had five bypasses. you what i dont cry about it i got two jobs + school and track and natiol gaurd so if you want to complane thats your thing but dont tell people how to spend what they worked for. :D

Bill I would love to buy my girlfriend and her kids the house they need. They live in a small 2 bedroom apt. and I would give anything to move them out.I dont have the money for the house I just pay for all there needs.Thanks God Bless.

blah dont ask for money from bill leave him alone freaks

im hungry i need money like about 54billion dollars because i want to order pizza hut.

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