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August 11, 2005


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I'm kinda on the fence. My wife and I don't have a pre-nup, but I would've been open to one even if she had more money. I didn't care either way. I think it'd be an interesting idea for a simple one to be mandatory for everyone getting a marriage license. That way you won't have to be the one to "bring it up".

Dude, how do you post so much?! =) 7 posts just so far today? I can't keep up!

Ok I am wiht you on that I like the first two but the prenup is too much unless you are some millionarie, I dont know about you but i ma just a poor kid graduating college try to make a good lay ok with God.

My advice: get a prenup. The best insurance you can buy.
There is a 50% chance you will need it :)

Marriage and love have nothing to do with each other.
Marriage is about providing a finantial framework and finantial security to each other.

If it was just about love... then you would not need a legal contract, would you?

Make a prenup. The prenup can specify whatever you want the prenup to specify. You can also specify how you will manage finances in marriage (something most people haven't thought about)

I specifically offered to pay a severance package to my now wife if she had stayed with me for more than five years and we had to divorce.

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