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August 04, 2005


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This is good advice but if you really wish to save drying clothes than instead of using a dryer hang them outside for the sun to dry. It is retro but it sure is smart and will save you lots on energy.

Good point about the sun...its free. Or get a natural gas dryer, they are far more efficient than electric and much faster.

I thought this was a good thing too, but it turns out that my dryer wasn't properly ventilating. By waiting some time, it allows the area to cool down and you don't get a bunch of hot air condensing in a puddle in your wall.

In the winter the heating bill gas or electric can get very high. My washer dryer is in the house, I vent inside in the winter, I leave the laundry door open and voila. It is amazing how nice and warm it feels, and smells good too!

And you feed the mold spores in your house good smelling humidity.

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