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September 09, 2005


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I can attest to boxes being expensive. When I moved last year, I didnt have nearly enough. I went to walmart and it was around 10.00 for 3 boxes. I ended up asking friends if they had any extra boxes and also found boxes the people left behind I could use.

I haven't used boxes to move in quite awhile. Every now and then Target or WalMart will have 16 gallon tubs on sale ($2.49 or so) and I will some of those. Living in an area where your basement can flood (highest was about 1 feet, I found boxes useless the first time this happened. I have quite a collection going and they are much more sturdy than boxes and if you need to store just the tubs, they can stack within each other.

Also, I live in a 1 bedroom place and every time I have moved, I avoided mileage charges, etc., from U-haul by just renting their largest trailer. If you have a vehicle that can tow, this will save quite a bit of money because all you have to do is pay the $29.95 fee without mileage costs or re-filling their gas tank.

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