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September 12, 2005


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ii and iii both sound like stealing. Am I missing something?

You are allowed to 'sample' food for free which I learned from asking the manager. Just NOT excessively at one time for # ii & iii.



fired for eating leftover pizza
in a conference room!


Thank you for the laugh! Poor you, you must be starving with all those bits and pieces and not one decent meal! But I loved the article.

Actually I've just thought of something, have you mentioned 'road-kill'? I live near a forest and animals, particularly deer, are always getting killed on the roads. So you could sit and wait for a meal in the bushes.


Sam's Club, ALbertsons and many grocers have free samples. The albertsons near my house has bacon every morning and crab salad during the day. Anyway I thought of another way: next time you go through the bank drive throughjust ask for a peice of candy for your child. SOme banks even have doggie treats (not for you but if you have a pet).

Hi... lol i have one, its for sam's club also... if you go there about an hour before they close, they will give you the rotisory chickens for free.

And it is a real turnoff to watch a grown man eat "sample" grapes with both hands - one hand for a "sample" is not enough. It gets better: said gentleman than turns up his nose and makes a disgusted face as the quality is not to his standard after - I counted - 17 grapes.

Road kill and the donut holes are of course a decent suggestion!

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