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September 14, 2005


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Very cool - i will have to bookmark this information - a friend of mine was looking to retire in the caribeian islands but decided not to due to the high cost of building a house, health care (they would have to do all doctoring in the states), food, etc... they have retired to florida instead - they get virtually the same climate (hot,hotter,and hurricanes:)
great blog - keep up the great work

Thanks for posting...we've been looking at early retirement spent in Costa Rica, but Panama has recently caught our attention.

Many people (because of financial considerations, job assignments etc)do not have an easy choice of whether to live in an area prone to natural disasters. But for anyone looking to make a move to enjoy their retirement, it seems to me to be an easy choice. Do not move into an area prone to certain disasters. Hurricanes, floods, blizzards, earthquakes, tornades, etc, are natural events almost guarenteed to affect certain areas. I was at Lake Charles AFB, Lake Charles La, in 1959 when Hurricane Camille hit, my 1st wife was from Lafayette, La. Her family remains in the area, I have no idea how many times they have replaced homes. because of hurricanes since then; but I know for some-at least 5 times. Every one of them have currently lost their homes from Hurricane Katina.
Panama has no recent history of hurricanes, to my knowledge.

I am a new retiree and I decided in 2005 to purchase a pre-construction property in Panama City Panama. (Pre-construction means no ceiling, no lights, no stove, refrigerator, hot water heater). Those are extra dollars that you have to pay for yourself. It has been an extremely interesting journey. I expect to be moving into my new condo in the next month. I have learned that Panama has its own rules that you find out along the way. The old adage that "Experience is the best teacher," is certainly true when it comes to Panama City. Everything will cost you money. I'm talking thousands! There is no rhyme or reason why services cost what they cost, they just do. If you are one who is easily upset with not knowing what is going to happen right up front, stay in the US. If you are one who is flexible, who has a pocketbook that is not too threatened, come to Panama. The prices in most restaurants will now challenge the five-star restaurant prices in New York City! What an adventure!!!

Malaysia also has a programme to encourage retirees from other countries to move here. One of the requirements is that you do have to invest a certain amount of money in buying property here (the assumption being that you'll want to buy or build yourself a nice house).

To my parents here, moving to a "cheaper country" would have to be China or something...

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