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September 15, 2005


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I don't know about bonuses, but I'm sure they give away prizes. In college I worked at Sweet Tomatoes for a couple summers as a cashier and they offered free movie tickets to the cashier who sold the most bottled drinks for the month.

I have an even better solution for eating out. Skip dinner and only order appetizers. Dinner is almost always too much food, but the appetizers fill you up quick.

I was a waitress while going to college, and let me tell you that even though it may seem like waitresses are making a lot of money - we're not. Most of us get only $2.15/hr plus tips (think Denny's or Perkins) ! So just keep that in mind when you tip. Granted some of us may not deserve a good tip but 15 - 20% does mean a lot and most of us are greatful.

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