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September 11, 2005


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I am working with a guy who claims to have a stock market investment package that makes you 1% a day on your stocks.

The software analyzes the stock and it's activity and you put in your filters as to what you want to invest in.

The idea is that stocks are guaranteed to fluctuate. All you to do is pick stocks that are going to go up 1%. Once they go up 1% you sell them immediately. Take your money and get on to the next stock.

If you make 1% per day, that's a good income.

The caveat is that you need to do a lot of studying and work before you put a dime into the system. The more you know the better chance that this will work. If you get into it without any knowledge, the software package is not going to work for you, and you'll potentially lose your money very quickly.

Stock market investing software is just a tool to help you. You need to have the wisdom to know if the software is right or wrong.

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