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September 29, 2005


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I love Vanguard, but there is one huge misconception about their Index funds that you perpetuate: They do NOT cover Canada at all! And Canada represents something like 6% of the world...! So their International diversification is not at all as complete as it ought to be.

I'nm not perpetuating anything other than the fact that Vanguard's Index funds are cheap, easy, low-time-commitment ways to earn a great return on your money.

Gee, sorry to ruffle your feathers! I was referring to your paragraph above about indexing that concluded with "Then, add Vanguard Total International (VGTSX), which covers the remainder of the globe." Well, Canada is NOT included in that "remainder of the globe." Rather than simply taking offense at my pointing this out, why don't you actually address the issue?

If Canada is not covered, I think covering 94% of the world is fine. You really didn't ruffle my feathers, I think you just missed the basic point (which I was trying to reinforce). Whether or not Canada is included is immaterial to the heart of this issue -- that's all I was saying.

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