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September 08, 2005


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"Can't you just hear Suze whining in her usual tone as you read the paragraph's above?"


"(I almost said "wouldn't be caught dead without life insurance", but I thought it would confuse the point.)"

You're cracking me up today.

Of course health insurance is a major aspect; I think where disability insurance comes into play. Some employers offer coverage, but please take the time to make sure you have a policy that will actually give you what you need.

This blog posting is great. Your views are very true. Everyone should start thinking as you are doing.
Andrea Jasperson

The best part of this post is the middle paragraph, about choosing a high deductible. Good sense for a large number of people: those who don't, on average, have high medical expenses. Great advice, even though the insurance agents might not like it.

I agree that most people overlook disability insurance. Here is a great educational presentation on Disability insurance.

"her voice is so grating that it sends dogs howling in pain". I have no idea what this refers to, she doesn't sound grating to me. I think it's a rude observation that isn't funny. Basically all I see you doing here is parroting her advise that she's already graciously bestowed while at the same time riding on her coattails.

I need advice on affordable health insurance. My husband and I are both 62 and he recently was laid off from a company that had very good health insurance. We are both on Cobra at $1,400 a month. We cannot last much longer on this premium, it is deleting our savings. I am on disability due to severe arthritis and multible back and knee surgeries. So you know I need insurance and it needs to be at least half of what we are paying now. In the past, GreatWest was our primary and Medicare was my secondary. Unfortunately my husband's new employment does not offer insurance. So I am assuming my future situation will be Medicare primary and hopefully a good secondary insurance. The question is which will be the best for me. PLEASE ADVISE. RESPECTFULLY, WORRIED SICK IN OKLAHOMA

Why are the above comments so old? 2004, 2005 2007, 2006 etc......?

Jane --

Because this post was written in 2005...

I just thought there would be more activity at this site and more recent comments.

Jane --

This is one article -- over five years old -- out of almost 10,000 on this site. Most of the conversations are on the new posts (three new ones each day.)

If you want some help, I suggest you write up a "Help a Reader" question and send it to me. I'll post it as new, and you'll get thoughts from the readers. Details here:

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