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September 26, 2005


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"Earning while you sleep" is one of my favourite catch phrases. I find internet marketing & online riches is like pulling a truck. It takes a while to get the momentum going, and most importantly think technique, or you could rupture a tendon.

One of the things that wasn't mentioned in this article is the networking potential as well. Of course it depends on the school, but finding a school that can provide you with good connections while working through the education can be invaluable as well. I don't think that you need ivy league in order to have a good network of folk to work with.

Good point geoff! I don't think you can under estimate the value of meeting the best of the best and establishing life long contacts!


You raise a good point about the quality of education. I received my MBA from Pace University and I am currently a Wharton Fellow. I am also finishing up a second Master’s degree (communications) at Columbia.

The quality of the education between the Ivy League schools and Pace was identical. The professors are terrific at all three schools.

Here is where the Ivy League Pedigree makes a difference:

When people read my resume I automatically get a second look. I don’t necessarily get the job but I almost always get an interview (in my case I get to pitch b/c I’m a consultant).

The alumni network is deeper into the executive ranks of companies with significant budgets. This is a big deal for me because consulting is as much who you know as it is what you know.

The bottom line I love the experience of learning. If I didn’t my MBA from Pace would have been more than enough.


P.S. You're right about the debt.

One would think it would depend in part on the nature of the degree (and subsequent vocation). Spending $40,000.00 a year for a masters in social work would not seem to pay off well, since MSWs make relatively low wages. It may well be worth it for higher expenses in fields like finance.

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