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October 18, 2005


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Great issue!

Haloscan wouldn't send through a trackback, but should have.

Nicely done. Thanks.

I'm having the same problem with Haloscan. Are they pissed off at Typepad or something?

Anyway, I've posted a link to this fine Bonfire at:

Wizbang's....Bonfire of the Vanities #120
Hosted by: Free Money Finance
You were judgmentally quick and clever, which always equates to sound financial practices.
Good work ;)
-Mensa B

ps: It's actually a new Haloscan script to combat malicious comment posting. (gone bad)

I'd never tease a fellow PF blogger. It just wouldn't happen......... :)

Add the Wizbang trackback pinger to the Haloscan blocking problem...

"MRE'S, ICE, WATER" is not a lame excuse. I've been a benefacfor of the Red Cross twice and it's one thing they don't put in the package. Since I have Chrons/Colitis, I always wonder why they don't add toilet paper as part of the package. So it was a simple question to a serious problem; we all use it, need it and just asked why they don't supply it. Not lame and not lazy; just a subject that needs an answer.

Firstbrokenangel --

Here's the point:

"I have no idea what these are about."

If you would have taken 10 seconds to write an explanation about why it was submitted to the Bonfire (like you're supposed to and like most others did), it would have been posted anyway.

Besides, this is the BONFIRE OF THE VANITIES. The post is supposed to be lame.


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