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October 07, 2005


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money can make a person "happy" as well as "misirable"!
but one thing is true.. it sure make life alot easer with it!!!

Money is like health. Abundance of it doesn't guarantee happiness, but lack of it is sure to bring misery.

For me, I like when my net worth increases, not because I want to buy an SUV, or an expensive house, or armani suits, I want it to increase because it means I can retire earlier. By retire I mean retire from my 9-5 job, and spend that time thinking of a business, or investing ideas, or writing the book I always wanted. It doesn't have anything to do with material possessions, but freedom to do what I want, not what my boss wants.

Your post reminded me of an article titled "Money on the Brain."

The article shares that the brain is delighted by novel experiences. Money provides the means to get novel experiences, such as buying new things. However, the brain is more delighted by the thought of the novel item than actually owning the item. Hence, the occurrence of buyer's remorse and the need for more new purchases.

By the way, "Money on the Brain" was also written by Laura Rowley, the same auther that sparked your original post. Her solution, spend money on experiences and have a overarching life goal of which money is a part.

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