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October 24, 2005


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Investing in stocks with the intention of becoming rich quickly will be debilitating. One must invest in stocks with the intention of becoming a part owner of the company. Buy during bear season and sell during bullish times is still a sound advice before investing in stocks. Over long periods of time stockholders will always win the stock market for as long as they invest in sound and stable companies. Investigate the financial profiles of companies that you intend to buy stocks before parting with your money - remember it is your money and nobody is going to determine your financial abundance and success except your very own self. Don't buy the products of companies instead buy their ownership is the soundest advice when it comes to purchasing of stocks. When the par value of companies are low then it is high time to buy and wait for a decade or two to decide finally what to do with the stocks you own. In the end stocks provides an 11.5% increase in profits compared to other forms of investments. Diversification in the procurement of stocks must also be adhered. The more diversified is your investment the lesser will be your risk. Remember buying stocks of companies does not make you a gambler, it makes you part a owner of companies you bought.

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