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October 20, 2005


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I am trying to get one incredible idea to Sir Richard Branson as i feel that he is the only person who could appreciate an idea of this magnitude. If anybody is reading this and knows how it is possible to pitch an idea to Sir Richard Branson then i am very keen to know.
Thank you for your time.


Hi, Dear Rex
I do not know Sir Richard Branson personally, but i know Mr. Petras, who knows this man.

i am one of the lucky guy.
you know i am nepalese but i used to study in singapore and there i used to work on a restaurant where i met sir RICHARD BRANSON. He comes there whenever he is in singapore

Hi Rex, I am doing exactly the same as you.It is almost 2011 now and the man still remains difficult to talk to .Not to worry, I have no alternative but to take my world energy device to Eon in Germany Such a shame, I could have made Richard a rich man.

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